Science Comes Alive- Junior Cert Biology Workbook - Michael O'Leary

Science Comes Alive- Junior Cert Biology Workbook

By Michael O'Leary

  • Release Date: 2014-04-29
  • Genre: Biology
  • Size: 104.49 MB

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This exciting ebook will break the monotony of traditional home-work and class-work for science students. You will no longer have to worry about losing your home-work copy. You don’t even need pen, pencil or paper!

This ebook covers the biology section of the Junior Certificate Science course.
Most of you will at the end of your third Junior Cert year, take an important test. This ebook will help you to do well in that test and to be a good scientist.

This ebook can be used with any of the current textbooks used in secondary schools. Unlike traditional home-work and class-work, this ebook corrects most of the the students answers in real-time, thus ensuring better understanding of the concepts being dealt with in class.

The book is broken down into the following chapters:
1. Living Things
2. The Cell & the Microscope
3. Food & the Digestive System
4. Respiration & the Breathing System
5. The Circulatory System
6. Excretion

Each chapter contains different exercises for the student to do. Most of these are interactive where the student gets confirmation when their answer is correct (text goes green, links or other image colours etc. go green). There are a wonderful variety of questions asked, with over seventeen different types of question. 

To challenge students, most chapters will have a comprehension which asks testing questions, sometimes extending off the prescribed course. This will test the student’s ability to understand related concepts which are not examinable in the final Junior Cert test. These will be clearly labelled as extensions.

Teachers who adopt this ebook for class use will want to use each revision quiz as an end-of-chapter exercise for their students. This exercise is password-protected. Teachers who adopt this ebook will be supplied with the passwords for each chapter when they contact the publisher directly.